Friday, April 18, 2008

moving out

yes, i am moving blogs again. for the nth time.


but in case you are interested,
impulse blogging.

Monday, March 31, 2008

nice postsecret, this one

one of the postcards from postsecret this week.

i really like it. feels very positive and hopeful. so i say the same thing to everyone out there. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

american gods: online

Neil Gaiman's American Gods happens to be one of my favorite books from him. I was engrossed with new kind of mythology was able to create and how he was able to research all those obscure gods that appeared in his story.

Well, you have until March 31 to read it online if you are interested. Here's the link.

While most people expected sales of the book to slump, Neil actually figured it would rise. And he was right!

Monday, March 24, 2008


the trouble with long holidays is it's always difficult to get back in the work groove. i've been staring at the computer monitor for some time already and there are these tons of work running around my mind waiting to be done or to get started.

but *sigh*, i just can't drag myself to start.

help. (or don't help. hehe!)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


It is time for HOPE.
Jesus is among us once more!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what if God was one of us?

This was more or less the context of the second segment of Holy Week show of NoyPi, ABS-CBN's post-Bandila show. NoyPi would stage situations to determine how the Filipino would respond. Reactions would then be analyzed by sociologists and psychologists and other experts.

Last Monday, the second segment was about a guy posing as Jesus. He'd approach people in or coming from the church and start a conversation. At some point he would ask them, "Maniniwala ba kayo kung sabihin ko na ako si Kristo?" Would you believe it if I told you I was Jesus Christ?

The reactions were quite expected. Some got angry, some thought him to be a lunatic, and one even responded, "Oo. Lahat tayo si Kristo." But there were some quite interesting reactions from a couple of people.

The guy approached this old lady who just finished lighting a candle and her prayers. He went and told her that she should just lift up her concerns to God. To which she responded, "interesado talaga ako diyan sa sinasabi mo. Interesado talaga ako. Maari ba kitang makausap?" And so they had a conversation about her problems. In the middle of it all, the guy spilled his spiel of being Christ. The lady looked at him, with slight doubt and was somewhat apologetic, "Pasensiya na, kung ako ay may agam-agam pa." But in the end, it was all good. She appreciated the conversation and a chance to unload her yoke.

In another story, the guy was talking to another person when a woman listening in to the conversation approached him and said, "Maari niyo bang mahilot ang aking asawa?" It turns out, she and her husband were homeless. The husband was paralyzed for a few years already and had trouble moving. She asked the stage Jesus to massage her husband. The stage Jesus was actually doing a great job, being accommodating and solemn the whole time. He massaged the man and probably had a conversation about lifting burdens to God. When asked what the paralyzed man felt, "malamig lang." But his wife answered with a slight sense of hope despite the discovery that it wasn't Jesus who held his husband. She was saying, "first time ko kilabutan ng ganun nung sabihin niya na siya si Kristo." What could've those goose bumps meant?

Several others, who may not have believed him to be Jesus, were just glad to have someone come up to them and have a conversation with.

Was there a black and white response to such a situation? The priests and sociologists don't seem to think so. Those who deny or accept the man as Jesus can not be branded as lacking in faith or strong with it. It just goes to show, we all love God in our own ways and believe in Him in the way that we are most comfortable with. And at the end of everything, people just need to believe in something greater and something better. Thus the goose bump reaction from that lady, maybe? Hope is enough to keep going.

What would my reaction be if I were approached? I'd definitely be a doubting Thomas. With Judiel Nava surgically transformed into a woman, it's a little difficult to just accept any man who comes and claims to be Jesus.

Sidekuwento: Timing how this story was featured at a time I was reading C.S. Lewis "The Last Battle" where the Ape pushes the Donkey to pretend that he is Aslan so they may control Narnia. Wala lang. ko-inki-dink.

Too bad it seemed to be NoyPi's last episode. It was only my second time to watch it in full, then bye-bye already? I do hope it's a temporary hiatus. With all the not so good things happening in our country, a certain sense of positive nationhood and personhood is necessary. I think NoyPi does a good job in reminding Pinoy's of good ole' Filipino traditions.

Monday, March 17, 2008

absolutely restless

that has been the case for the last few days.

have you ever had that feeling that change is about to come but its shadow has not even fallen upon you yet? there's that restless feeling... probably of anticipation if it's a good thing or anxiety if you are uncertain. you want to do something drastic just so you can be ready when it comes or to start the change yourself.

maybe that's why girls (and some boys) have their hair done or shop. my present compulsion is to move to another blog. yes, for the nth time. thank God, it's free. and it's possible, but not any time soon. times are busy and crazy right now. another part of me wants to shout what's happening. to hear what other people have to say. maybe to make it real for myself too. but one must be prudent. timing is important and thorough thinking is necessary.

the past few days i have had the compulsion to write and write online. exhibitionist tendencies, i know. so what has been happening is the past entries have actually been my diversion from writing down what is really happening.

but yeah... change has come. not just for me, but for many people. 2008 has been quite a year already for most and it's only been the first quarter. the great thing about it it's mostly good things. and that is always wonderful. so even with the rotten political situation (idjots GMA and Abalos... why don't you try having yourselves nailed to the cross? just for a Holy Week penitence. the nation may forgive you, who knows), at least people's personal lives, those I know anyway, are doing well.

uh. so there. have a meaningful Holy Week. though i'm bound to say something again in the next few days. (mayabang na ako kasi may DSL na sa bahay).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

goin' bulilit

in fairness, it IS funny. the past few weeks that i unintentionally catch it, i find myself laughing at a lot of their jokes.

tonight i was laughing so hard with their zte soundtrack featuring the nuns and chairman hambalos. not bad, not bad. hehe!

Friday, March 14, 2008

so what do you do when you still have 18 minutes in an internet cafe?

write a spontaneous blog entry, i guess. just like what i'm doing right now. am also chatting with a couple of friends.

now i only have 12 minutes of internet time left.

now it's only 11 minutes. but wait? that was only a minute ago when i wrote the previous line? ayiii.

aba... six minutes left. meant a long chat. hehe! but i've said goodbye na. ang bilis ng isang oras na ito ah. yesterday i only spent fifty minutes on the net. thought it was already an hour.

anyhoo... will be going back to davao after lunch. yey! i miss my bed, i do.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

God loves me too much (just another day at work)

so... it's a rainy day in cabanglasan. we had to be off for miaray to meet with the parents and discuss with them what we ask of the community in return for our support. the jesuit's decrepit pick-up let us off at the hanging bridge over pulangi river where a couple of motorcycles were waiting for us to take us to the community.

we've actually been warned by everyone. the roads were difficult especially on a rainy day. and well... in my line of work, when someone says that, you better take it seriously. the roads scores an 8 in terms of difficulty level. it was rocky and slippery and all that. my arms were sore from holding on for dear life. muscles that i was not aware of made themselves known by acting sore from clenching butt and thighs to make sure i stay on the bike.

we got to the community, chatted a bit, looked at the land where the school will be, had coffee, went back to the bridge. all in two hours.

while i was on the ride, i thought to myself... God loves me too much, it's actually funny. when I was assigned in Calapan as a Jesuit Volunteer, I was often jealous of my batchmates assigned in Bukidnon for living in the mountains, riding the habal-habal and living in constant adventure. i guess God acknowledged that jealousy and said to me, "ganun ha... eto sa iyo!" and there ya go... i'm always in Bukidnon on habal-habal rides that are beyond adventurous. God grants wishes so be really careful when you make one that you mean. Hehe!

anyhoo... so we were finally on our way down. the pick up dropped us at the cabanglasan multicab terminal. i plugged the earphone to my ears and listened to music on my phone. after an hour or so, i was surprised to see everyone in near panic. and i was like, huh, what happened? apparently, the multicab wouldn't respond to the steering wheel so the driver had to fix it. thank God we didn't get into any accident.

so okay... we went down. paid the fare from cabanglasan to wherever in malaybalay we were. a few long minutes after there was this giant jeep full of sacks of corn. it was our only way out, so i didn't mind riding top load. i've always enjoyed top load riding (taplod dito sa mindanao). the rain has stopped and it was cloudy so the weather was perfect for such a trip.

the mountainside was beautiful. herons following carabaos around. goats and horses and cows grazing in the fields. fields of gold as the corn is bursting and ready to be harvested. mountains in the shape of whatever you want them to be... a beautiful lady, a wooly mammoth... anything.

we passed by a fiesta in managok. whadayaknow... a bikini open? for sure janina san miguel would take the crown. or maybe she'd have tough competition there of other contestants not being able to answer the question. forget the fact that it was terrible grammar and deplorable pronunciation. she did not answer the question. and she won. she does give hope to all those "hipon" beauties out there.

anyhoo... guess what. the jeep broke down again. i wasn't able to catch the reason because we were able to get a motor to the highway (we were quite near our destination). but isn't it funny! two vehicles breaking down within an hour. what should've been a single ride of P50, turned out to be four rides totalling P85.

(rosing, di ka naman nakisakay sa amin, di ba?)

so it's just another day at work today. the rest of the afternoon i will spend lying down at the comfortable bed of the jesuit retreat house. if i wake up while there is still sun, maybe i can take a few photographs.