Friday, March 14, 2008

so what do you do when you still have 18 minutes in an internet cafe?

write a spontaneous blog entry, i guess. just like what i'm doing right now. am also chatting with a couple of friends.

now i only have 12 minutes of internet time left.

now it's only 11 minutes. but wait? that was only a minute ago when i wrote the previous line? ayiii.

aba... six minutes left. meant a long chat. hehe! but i've said goodbye na. ang bilis ng isang oras na ito ah. yesterday i only spent fifty minutes on the net. thought it was already an hour.

anyhoo... will be going back to davao after lunch. yey! i miss my bed, i do.

1 comment:

Bogcess said...

Haha! Check mails. Now i only have 13min. Search for adult stuffs. LOL! Just joking.
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