Monday, March 17, 2008

absolutely restless

that has been the case for the last few days.

have you ever had that feeling that change is about to come but its shadow has not even fallen upon you yet? there's that restless feeling... probably of anticipation if it's a good thing or anxiety if you are uncertain. you want to do something drastic just so you can be ready when it comes or to start the change yourself.

maybe that's why girls (and some boys) have their hair done or shop. my present compulsion is to move to another blog. yes, for the nth time. thank God, it's free. and it's possible, but not any time soon. times are busy and crazy right now. another part of me wants to shout what's happening. to hear what other people have to say. maybe to make it real for myself too. but one must be prudent. timing is important and thorough thinking is necessary.

the past few days i have had the compulsion to write and write online. exhibitionist tendencies, i know. so what has been happening is the past entries have actually been my diversion from writing down what is really happening.

but yeah... change has come. not just for me, but for many people. 2008 has been quite a year already for most and it's only been the first quarter. the great thing about it it's mostly good things. and that is always wonderful. so even with the rotten political situation (idjots GMA and Abalos... why don't you try having yourselves nailed to the cross? just for a Holy Week penitence. the nation may forgive you, who knows), at least people's personal lives, those I know anyway, are doing well.

uh. so there. have a meaningful Holy Week. though i'm bound to say something again in the next few days. (mayabang na ako kasi may DSL na sa bahay).

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